A Face-Lift

Did you know that kitchen cabinets are the first thing people notice when they enter a kitchen? So if they are dull, outdated, worn, or darker than you'd prefer, you may want to consider reviving your kitchen cabinets with a professional paint job. For cabinets that are in fairly good condition, there really is no need to replace them, but instead have the experts bring back the shine and new look to your kitchen through paint.


Having a professional remove, clean, sand, and paint your cabinets is much more cost effective than a complete replacement of the cabinets. The average cost of revitalizing cabinets by painting is a fraction of the cost of both the labor and materials needed to replace the existing cabinets.

Timely and Convenient

Not only is the cost a factor when deciding whether to replace or refinish your cabinets, but time and convenience should be considered as well. For most contractors, gutting and replacing cabinets will take longer than a month, and that will mean losing your kitchen during that time. But in a fraction of that time, usually less than a week, your kitchen can look brand new with a paint color that you have chosen.

Kitchens Sell Homes, But...
Outdated Kitchens Don't

Painting your kitchen cabinets can improve your home's value and consequently end up a great return on your investment, not to mention it will help your home sell faster if it's been on the market for a while. Conversely, old, dingy, dirty and dark cabinets will cause your home to sit on the market for longer.

Potential buyers will factor in that they need to remodel the kitchen, but most buyers these days know that can cost a fortune. Still, most don't have the budget for that, especially first time home buyers (think about all their closing and moving costs, not to mention that they saved up for the deposit on the house).

When you paint your kitchen cabinets, you make the space look nicer and therefore more inviting.

Instant Ballpark Estimate

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Notice: This estimate is based on averages we took from jobs with similar scopes of work. The actual cost of each and every project will vary depending on job specific factors, and this is by no means an offical quote. To get an official quote for your painting project please contact us to schedule an estimate at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of coating do you use?

We use Waterbased Acrylic Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers to paint kitchen cabinets. They're much more durable than paint and are KCMA and AWI certified.

What brand of lacquer do you use?

We use ML Campbell, Sherwood Kem Aqua Plus, and Chemcraft products.

How do you apply the coating?

We apply the lacquer using professional spraying equipment so that the finish product is factory smooth.

What part of the cabinets do you spray?

We can spray anything you like, but usually its the doors, drawers, box faces, side panels, and islands.

Where do you spray the cabinets?

The boxes are sprayed on-site with the kitchen fully masked off. The doors and drawers are sprayed off-site at our shop.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa , Mastercard , American Express , and Discover .

Can you provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

We are fully insured and can provide you with a COI.

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